No sleep ’til Bangkok

We arrived to Bangkok only to find out that our first gig had been cancelled. Or rather, it had never been arranged. It seems that live music scene (meaning “alternative” bands and the sort) in Bangkok is small or non-existent. The venues are expensive and the officials are corrupt. I hope our next shows have really been arranged.

We live in the traveller-ghetto of Khao San Road, in a guest house called Mom’s.
If you ever visit Bangkok, don’t come here. Depressing place, though cheap to live. Hustlers by day, drunk morons and bad disco by night. At least there’s some cool backstreets with stray dogs and local non-hustling folk here.

Our contact/gig-organizer Keng is really nice and sweet guy. Too bad he has to work so much. We’ll film his bands practice for our documentary some day soon.

Over and out,


About raivoraittius

An anarchist, vegan sXe-band from Finland.
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One Response to No sleep ’til Bangkok

  1. thailand is tough to figure out. i have a plan sometime in the future to move to the north and start something there if possible. but i’ve heard many stories of other expats who’ve gone with enthusiasm soon to have it killed off by thai lethargy and bureaucracy. is keng a good contact for the future?

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