10 hours and one broken bus later we were in Purwokerto! A moped ride through the sunrise took us up the mountainside to our home for the next 24 hours.

Purwokerto show was in a lecture hall at the local campus. The place had horrible acoustics and it was blue with cigarette smoke, but still, it was cool. Kill Kill Kill was the best band we saw there. They had a female guest vocalist with one of the most brutal voices I’ve heard. They tols us she has her own band as well, the Fixx, which had played earlier when we were having a rest after the nightmarish bus ride. Can some one please explain me why is there a traffic jam in the middle of the jungle in the middle of the night?

Our show was ok, though we had some thecnical problems. I hope we’ll be able to upload some photos somewhere. Right now our typical internet stop lasts for twenty minutes and contains intense facebooking and checking bad bank balances.

We had a swim under a waterfall in Purwokerto yesterday. It was amazing. The animals here are really tame, a leach even ate out of Timo’s hand! And my ancle and Janne’s back. A lot of bleeding they make! Nice. Timo burned his leg on the exhaust pipe of a moped which is the main form of transportation here. We ride them to shows and sleeping places all the time. The locals ride and we sit in the back, that is. And today when we arrived to Jogjakarta, Janne got a horrible rash, apparently from a plant. I’m collecting pictures from all our bodily tour damage. If it’s ok with the others, I’d like to publish it here eventually.

Some Purwokerto HC kids accompanied us to Jogjakarta for the 4 hour train ride full of hustlers trying to sell anything. Huge thanks to Rio and the others! Apparently you shoudn’t buy anything from them, though I don’t see the harm of buying a bottle of water from someone who’s desperate to sell it and you’re thirsty.

To night’s show is supposed to be quite big. Up to 200 people. We’re planning on playing a great show this time, but who knows what will happen. We didn’t get any sleep last night either, so things are starting to feel a bit XfunnyX. I’m so glad the people here are so kind and take such good of us! We really don’t need to worry about a thing. In Bekasi, when I got my shoes wet, two people were instantly taking off their own to offer for me to wear. Is this even real? Still, as our friend said, the governement here is the most fucked up one in the world. “You can buy anything here. You can buy law like you can buy cigarettes.”



About raivoraittius

An anarchist, vegan sXe-band from Finland.
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