Touring touring

The others made me to update the blog in the middle of the night so I hope someone’s reading this! The touring has reached a kind of routine of travelling to a new city, meeting a lot of local kids, eating, seeing bands, playing shows, sleeping, travelling to the next city. It’s great to meet lots of new people but it’s also hard to have to say goodbye so soon, especially to people who you really got along with.

Right now we are in Kudus, we play a show here tomorrow night. We are planning on going cycling around the city tomorrow morning at 6am. That’ll be interesting in the left sided traffic after 4 hours of sleep. And I think the bikes are fixed gear without foot straps. Wish us luck.

In Ungaran the last city we played in, we stayed at a really nice old couple’s house, and mr. B (who’s name I forgot already) tried to encourage us to sing some Beegees songs, but unfortunately we couldn’t sing any.

Since our show in Yogyakarta a few days ago, a nice guy called Dodon has been travelling with us. It’s nice to have a local guide with us. Now I’m so sleepy I must go, but if you have facebook go check some pictures there until we get some uploaded on the blog!

This is Dodon.



About raivoraittius

An anarchist, vegan sXe-band from Finland.
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2 Responses to Touring touring

  1. Jorma Toppari says:

    Hyvää Tuukanpäivää! Terv. Pariisista. Kk isä

  2. Tomi says:

    Rajun kuuloinen meininki (varsinkin tossa leaches-kirjoituksessa). Koittakaa pysyä hengissä!

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