Kids, remember to keep your track bike’s lock ring tight enough!

After our show in Surabaya we were going to go roam around the city with motorcycles and bicycles. Me and Jussi got fixed gear bikes and others rode with motorcycles. With the first breaking attempt the lock ring of the fixed cog opened, but I managed to pull of by the side of the road. Wiku and Donatello went to get some tools and tried to tighten the lock ring. I made few test skids and the bike seemed to work fine.  So off we rode to explore the Surabaya! Me and Jussi were riding quite fast to keep up with the motorcycles. When the motorcycle in front of me turned left, I tried to to slow down but nothing happened. I couldn’t break and immediately realized that the lock ring had opened again. There was nothing I could do. I screamed: “Watch out, no breaks!” and at the same moment hit the motorcycle that Wiku and Timo were riding.  It was a  real good crash, I fell down on the road and so did the motorcycle. I landed knee first on the asphalt and took a hit on my elbow too. Motorcycle’s gear shifter got ripped off and the bicycle’s front wheel was severely damaged. I got bruises on my knee and elbow. There was a fair amount of blood dripping from my wounded knee. Timo and Wiku didn’t got even scratches. And I’m okay too, so no worries, just cleaned the wounds and patched myself.

Today is our last day in Jawa. Goodbye and matur nuwun to all the great people we met here. Tomorrow we fly to Medan in Sumatra. Take care!


Special thanks to Dodon from all of us!


About raivoraittius

An anarchist, vegan sXe-band from Finland.
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