Monkey temple, The Wall, Lion city, Batam & Metro Manila

After show in Medan in Sumatra, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We played together with Tools of the trade, a really good local grindcore band. If you’re into grindcore you should check them out. Next day Duan , our KL promoter, took us to Batu caves, an old Hindu temple inside of a huge cave inhabited by monkeys.

After saying goodbye to KL and Duan we hurried to catch a bus to Batu Pahat. Show was in venue called The Wall, really cool place for punk shows. In their library they had interesting books in English and we read Allen Ginsberg’s poems.

Next morning we took a bus to Singapore aka Lion city where we met Cher from 7x0x7 collective. She took us to our hostel where we left our backpacks. We ate in Indian part of the city nearby the venue where the show was. Venue was a nice small rehearsal room / music studio with an outdoor space where you could hang between bands. There also was interesting zine distro with lots of good stuff. One of the bands that played with us was amazing local band called Vaarallinen, d-beat hardcore strongly influenced by the Scandinavian 1980’s scene. Vaarallinen is a Finnish word meaning dangerous. I hope to release their cassette tape in Europe end of this year, probably it’s gonna be a split record with Veloitus. Have to mention that food in Singapore is really good and vegan treats are widely available. Day after the show Cher took us to ice cream bar, green tea flavor soya ice cream was especially delicous!

Raivoraittius with Cher and Hafiz

From Singapore we took a boat to play the final Indonesian show in Batam, Sumatra. It was an outdoor gig with a really big crowd. 20 bands playing. loads of good fastcore bands. Crowd was really wild when we started playing, insane moshpit! We still had three songs left when we heard that the fucking cops are gonna raid the place since it was a illegal show, last song we got to play was Police Bastard from Doom. Show was stopped. There was around ten more bands that couldn’t play. We heard that police was asking bribes from the show organizers. Pigs!

Anyways, we had really nice in Batam, we hanged out with collectively run coffee shop and talked about politics and stayed overnight there before getting back to Singapore next day. In Singapore Tuukka and Timo wanted to get tattoos from an artist called Taco Joe. We met Taco Joes sisters in KL and heard that their brother is Singapore based tattoo artist. We went to meet Taco Joe in the studio where he works. Also Hafiz from Vaarallinen and his friend Azura came to see us at the studio. Rest of us who weren’t taking tattoos went to hangout outside and enjoy the last night in Singapore. We also met drummer from Vaarallinen and his friend later on. We had a nice little party in a park by the sea. Azura said that we could stay at her house since we didn’t have any place for the night. Tuukka, Timo and Cher came a bit later to the house. We slept only couple of hours because we had early flight to Manila, Philippines.

Yesterday was our first Philippines show in Quezon city. Good audience, they were still asking us to play more after we played all our songs. We heard that we could play show also tonight, so we’ll have three shows in Philippines and then it’s time to rest almost two weeks before the final show of the tour in Bangkok on the 25th of June. Our host Arjeou is taking good care of us, I love his cooking.




About raivoraittius

An anarchist, vegan sXe-band from Finland.
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