Sliding back to normality and right through it

It feels like the tour has ended, even though we still have that one show in Bangkok. After we left Arjeou’s place, Janne went to stay with a friend he made on his previous visit here and the rest of us got to stay with Be and her family. So, what did we do when we didn’t have to change cities or countries everyday anymore? We kicked back. Slept late. Read comic books all night. Several nights. Be has a nice collection.

Our friday and saturday shows were with a great local noise-rock/grunge trio called Sink. (I told them about the other Sink from Finland.) We ended up hanging out with them after both gigs. Along with other people, like Zepol, Arjeou and John, who set up the shows and Kat, a friend of Don and Mckai from Sink. We’ll be moving in to Kat’s place later today.

Gratitude. Yeah. It’s just bubbling all over this body and mind. For all the people and other organisms (like the soy beans and other plants that grew up to end up as food for us) that have made it possible for us to go through five countries and twenty shows in one piece. It’s amazing what people can achieve when they do things themselves and in the process get connected with each other. By doing things seemingly impossible, like setting up an excessive tour for a practically unknown band from the other side of the world, we can convince ourselves and others that anything is possible if we do it together.

We have learned a lot on this trip. It will take a while before I’ll be able to specify what exactly, but at least some of it has something to do with community. Not leaving anyone alone, maybe.

Also it has been great to see how people set up shows and activity anywhere and with any equipment, in lack of specific punk venues. We have played on the street, in practice studios, a movie theater, a lecture hall, a museum, a strip club, a Japanese restaurant, a couple of garages and just a few shows in bars. Punk – you just can’t stop it!

I always liked to be in another country and do nothing special. Here I am, in the Philippines, sitting indoors with internet and comics (Nate Powell: Swallow Me Whole, check it out or die!) with a light breeze coming in from the open window, the other guys still asleep and I feel strange and familiar at the same time. I feel like it doesn’t matter who I am or who anyone is and that’s a good thing. For a moment, I’m not me and somehow that defines me.

Xenophobes – they don’t seem to know that people are the same everywhere in the world: unique.

It will be nice to get home, but untill that, it’s nice to be here.

One more show to go, see you in the pit!



About raivoraittius

An anarchist, vegan sXe-band from Finland.
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