Indonesia, quickly!

I only have a few minutes for writing this now. The rest of the animals we saw in Bangkok were giant lizards in the river and a bat the size of a rook. At least we think it was a bat. And the lizards were like two meters long.

So far we’ve had two gigs in Indonesia. Bekasi and Bandung. The shows here are amazingly intense. The local bands are very good and the people are friendlier than I thought people could possibly be. Apart from Keng in Bangkok of course! But here, everyone is that nice! And the vegan food is amazing too. How about all the tofu you can eat? Ay caramba!!!

I hope we’ll have more time for more detailed postings later. Oh, today we had a day off and went to see a volcano with the local crew. We dove up the mountain in the back of a pick up truck and saw some terrific views and experienced a natural steambath next to a hot spring. Just standing in the hot steam. Better than a sauna.

Here’s something for finns to do: found more bands! Here everyone has several bands and all of them seem to be great. I guess it has something to do with devotion. Not that finnish punks aren’t devoted though. They are. Yep. Up the punx and see you next time, hopefully soon!


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Animalia and ambidextrous gendersss

Or something like that. I’m fascinated by the ladyboys and ladies who look like boys around here. The┬áhistory of recognizing┬ánondicotomic gender roles seem to go a lot further in here than in the western countries. Still, it’s a bloody fascist country. There’s only one public park we’ve seen and even that one is closed at 21.00. The rest are for the noble or what not and guarded by armed slaves.

The coolest thing are the animals. Beat up street dogs and cats with their tails bit off are everywhere. I feel like one of them, though in local terms I’m a rich white fuck. No, sorry, that’s not true. Most of the people are extraordinarily kind. And anyways, they might also just think we’re dirty bums. I guess we smell a bit because of the heat. Keng asked us whether it’s forbidden for vegans to wear deodorant..

Oops, times up, more about animalia next time!


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New Hope

We moved to another part of the city, though close by. It’s like another world here. We live dirt cheap, eat well, have fun and try to avoid hustlers and travellers.

On the last night at Mom’s I woke up with an ear infection. It felt like hell. To be in a strange city with the population of over twice the population of Finland, living in a place where I can’t trust anyone, having our show cancelled and now waking up at six AM to a pain in my ear. Luckily antibiotics did the trick and now I’m having the time of my life.

This is what it’s supposed to be like in here. Though we will leave tomorrow and head for Indonesia, we’ll come back here for a day or two before we head back home. Who knows, maybe Keng can get us a gig here then.


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No sleep ’til Bangkok

We arrived to Bangkok only to find out that our first gig had been cancelled. Or rather, it had never been arranged. It seems that live music scene (meaning “alternative” bands and the sort) in Bangkok is small or non-existent. The venues are expensive and the officials are corrupt. I hope our next shows have really been arranged.

We live in the traveller-ghetto of Khao San Road, in a guest house called Mom’s.
If you ever visit Bangkok, don’t come here. Depressing place, though cheap to live. Hustlers by day, drunk morons and bad disco by night. At least there’s some cool backstreets with stray dogs and local non-hustling folk here.

Our contact/gig-organizer Keng is really nice and sweet guy. Too bad he has to work so much. We’ll film his bands practice for our documentary some day soon.

Over and out,

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